Sunday, December 9, 2007


The Atlanta Temple was rather underwhelming. I believe the figures in the display are supposed to be Mary and Joseph.

Downtown, I stopped by the CNN Center. Tickets for the tour were $12, but I got one from an Asian guy off the street for $8. It was fun to be able to look down on a broadcast currently in progress. Being above and behind, we could see read the teleprompter and see the anchor as she read from it. It was old Fredricka while I was there. There was also a room where we could see all the CNN feeds and hear the producer directing the show, saying such things as when to cut to a picture and back again.

Then I went over to check out the HRC, thinking that R.E.M. might get some kind of spotlight at this one, but all I found was this tucked away in a corner.

I walked through the underground mall and the Olympic park. By the time I got over to The World of Coca-Cola it was closed, but I’m rather skeptical that it would have been worth the $15 ticket anyways.

After that I went to see Atonement, which was only playing in one theater in the city. That’s right, one day in Atlanta, and I went to see a movie. Not entirely worth it, it was really just a souped up Nicholas Sparks-type romance.

On the way back I passed this house, owned by people who take their Christmas decoration responsibilities seriously. I think the temple should do something like this.