Sunday, January 13, 2008


Metropolis is a tiny little town along the southern border of Illinois, but not too small to be the home of Superman.

I ended up staying that night in the Metropolis Inn, and even the front desk is decked out with Superman swag.

The center of the little "downtown" district offered a monument to the man himself - maybe he's Santa after all.

Right by the statue is a pretty big Superman store and museum. They sold everything Superman you could think of.

And the museum had more Superman stuff than I would have ever imagined existed. This is just one aisle of the museum.

Metropolis also includes Superman's summer home - Fort Massac, which was once a major trading post back in the 1700's. I climbed up to the high tower for this shot.

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Stuart said...

if you ever have a couple hours to utterly waste, you might want to check out "Confessions of a Superhero", a new documentary partially filmed in Metroplolis, Illinois.