Friday, December 7, 2007


Myrtle Beach is a vacation town unlike I have ever seen. It’s sort of a more family friendly version of Las Vegas. The main street, going for many miles before and after the city itself, is filled with shops, amusements and fun looking buildings. I came down into the city on the main road, but then left the city at its midpoint. But just for that northern half of the main drag I counted 12 miniature golf courses, all of them fancier than anything I’ve seen anywhere else. Here’s a Peter Pan themed one.

The Hard Rock Café was Egyptian themed for some reason, but pretty cool, both inside and out.

I ate at a Planet Hollywood. I had never been to one before – I hadn’t realized that it was a movie version of HRC. Lots of fun stuff. The original masks for Beetlejuice. The Princess Bride’s dress. I won’t ever eat there again though, as it’s way overpriced.

As I was leaving Myrtle Beach I saw a sign that said, “Hard Rock Park” so I had to check it out. Turns out they’re building an entire Hard Rock theme park. Here is the sign, with the “Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster” in the background. I swear I am not making this up.

They have a visitor’s center open that tells you all about the park and its different areas which will include an American Rock area, a British Rock, 70’s Rock and a Country area. It's set to open this summer.

Mt. Rockmore

The Zeppelin Hermit.

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